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4 impactful ways to help your organization understand the role of content marketing in whole-organization growth

60% of your customers engage first with your content before anyone in your team. Content marketing is the foundation upon which your business operates. From the story told on your website, through to learning materials, you’re producing content. Still, majority of businesses neglect the importance that content plays in business success.

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The Global Marketing Editorial Calendar

One of the most powerful features of Mintent for distributed teams is the Global or Master Roll-up Calendar with its accompanying Sub-Organizations. There are many uses for the Global calendar. One popular use case is for global marketing teams, with a main global editorial calendar and several regional calendars. Members of the regional teams may want […]

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Your content isn’t lackluster, it’s just missing a reason to exist: Show ROI on your content by defining a content mission

Every killer content plan is backed by a tactical execution and strategic plan to keep your content aligned… but is it aligned to the right mission? Your content core aims to tell a strategic story that either makes an impact on your revenue/business growth and or thought-leadership/community awareness. But chances are your content is cluttered. But not because your […]

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Set an appointment with your audience—Marketing.AI’s takeaways from Content Marketing World 2016

There’s no shortage of content marketing advice in the industry right now, especially not at Content Marketing World 2016. With over 3,500 attendees and two 10 hour days of sessions and expo hall conversations, it was an amazing opportunity to find answers to questions you might have. Here’s my take on the top 4 themes that emerged, plus […]

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How one healthcare customer leverages the editorial calendar for collaboration and brand cohesion

Overcoming the challenge of a disparate content creation workflow One of Mintent’s healthcare partners leverages the editorial calendar to streamline their creative content process. To help facilitate community engagement efforts, their marketing team is now able to collaborative on their content marketing efforts related to their brand story, the voice of the customer, and to create content experiences that make an […]

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Humanize your brand, sell your product, and ensure your content efforts aren’t disruptive: 8 ways you can increase your content performance

Writers are constantly brainstorming how to ensure their content is meaningful, discoverable, converting prospects, and educating readers. Amongst all of this, how then as a marketing can you ensure you’re creating relevant content that’s going to be discovered, read, and is making an impact in your marketing strategy and goals?

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