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How To Use The Follow Feature in the Editorial Calendar

Key to developing an efficient content marketing workflow is the ability to monitor what your content creators are doing in your Editorial Calendar, and receive timely updates as to their progress. It also helps when collaborators on a task know how each other are progressing, so they are aware of when it’s their turn to […]

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5 Reasons Why Editorial Calendar Spreadsheets are a Serious Pain

Many organizations still use spreadsheet-based editorial calendars for planning their content marketing, and they feel the pain of having to share workbooks every day. We have even heard clients refer to their existing workflow management using spreadsheets as “pathetic” and “archaic”, suggesting that they really aren’t that happy with their current arrangement. These are the […]

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Customer Story: A Place for Mom Gets Strategic with Content Marketing

Do you have a small content marketing team you’re beginning to grow? Or do you have a large marketing team, and you’re finally tearing down the silos they’ve been organized into previously? Or perhaps you simply want to “get more strategic” with your content, ensuring strategy permeates all your marketing efforts. If any of these […]

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How to Set-up Your Content Marketing Workflow for Success

When both speaking about and putting effort into content marketing, it’s important to concentrate on the many aspects involved. However, we’re only going to focus on one major aspect (a la the title of this post): How to create a successful workflow for both yourself and your team! Once you have this all sorted out, […]

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Customer Story: City of Arlington Drives Deeper Citizen Engagement

Does the content you’re creating resonate across every single stakeholder you’re interested in engaging with? You might think so, or you might believe not- but in either case, how do you know? One of our customers- the City of Arlington, TX- had this exact challenge, until they found Marketing.AI. They have multiple stakeholders for the […]

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The Importance of Planning Marketing Content Visually in a Calendar

Planning your content out visually, using Editorial Calendar Software, helps with formulating your strategy to ensure a continuous flow of engaging content which will attract and convert your ideal customers. It also lets you see the spread of content types you are going to create, so that you can provide your visitors with a variety […]

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Get Executive Buy-In For New Solutions

I recently joined Marketing.AI, where we help our customers get on the same page with their teams- in content creation, management, and collaboration. What does this mean? It means this first blog post I’m writing- the very one you’re reading- was assigned to me in our tool- and has been drafted in our solution, and […]

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How To Coordinate Your Content Marketing Team

To succeed in content marketing you need to publish a regular stream of content, then promote that content to get some eyes on it. Producing and publishing this content represents a considerable challenge for most companies, especially when it comes to coordinating who will do what, when it needs to be ready and how multiple […]

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Setting Up Your Agency’s Content Marketing for 2014

It’s the last post of the year 2013, and what a year it’s been for Content Marketing. It’s begun to feel a little like the early days of Blogging acceptance, when the market moved from ‘What’s a Blog?’ to ‘What’s your Blog Strategy?’. As then, the movement in the market creates both a need and […]

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