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Customer Story: Carnegie Finds the perfect content marketing solution for a complex organization

Carnegie Corporation of New York, one of America’s most influential philanthropic institutions, was established in 1911 by Andrew Carnegie to promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge. Headquartered in New York City, the Carnegie Corporation offers grants at both a national and international level, which involves collaborating with many teams around the globe and communicating efficiently across different time […]

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How to get your wider organization involved in content marketing

Content marketing truly is a team effort; in fact, many companies are now putting dedicated content marketing teams in place. However, to be successful, content marketing teams should call upon support from across the organization. Organizational buy-in for content marketing is important because customers are smart; in particular, customers of B2B enterprises are often experts […]

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The Content Marketing Asset Library

When it comes to planning and creating marketing content, it’s important to know what you have already built, what you have at hand and where, and what gaps you have. A critical tool in facilitating that is a central content asset management system that connects to the rest of your editorial planning and workflow system. […]

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7 Benefits of Content Marketing Software

As companies adopt content marketing as a key focus of their overall organizational marketing efforts, the content marketing toolset continues to grow in sophistication and maturity. At some point it becomes obvious that traditional tools like spreadsheets, email and classic project management software won’t cut it. The team needs software that provides strategic planning and […]

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Customer Story: Silverado gains an integrated view of marketing strategy across all channels and content types

What kind of care would I want for my family? Silverado’s founders asked themselves that question, and the answers they found formed the foundation of the company they are today. Silverado’s family of caregivers, support staff and administrators is united in its mission to provide dignity, respect and the highest quality of life possible, from their in-home and […]

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