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Leverage the power of a digital editorial calendar for content planning, publishing, and collaboration

Central to achieving quality content is a centralized creation and publishing workflow In an increasingly deadline-driven world, strategists and marketers are realizing that a centralized planning and publishing hub is key to any successful planning process. Why? Having a calendar-centric marketing plan allows you to plan your content efforts in a collaborative format, manage approval workflows for your content creation team, […]

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Why Suffer the Pain of Editorial Calendar Spreadsheets?

Companies invest tens of thousands of dollars into CRM systems to better track their customers. They invest equal resources into sophisticated email marketing automation systems to deliver the right message, at the right time in the customer journey. They build social media teams to tweet and post and engage with customers, and invest in team […]

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What Pokemon Go Taught Me About Content Marketing

1 out of 10 people you know is now addicted to Pokemon Go. And for the rest of us (the 9 out 10), we’re probably all still wondering what is this thing. The game leverages your smartphone and GPS to provide an augmented virtual universe where you can roam the streets and capture Pokemon characters, […]

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Getting Started with your Content Marketing Software

This is an archived post and represents our company prior to our re-brand to Mintent. We recently created a new Getting Started video to help our customers. We thought we’d share it with everyone because it’s a great way to learn about some of our key uses cases and how we can help your Marketing […]

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What is a Content Strategist?

The mission of any website is to offer engaging content and meaningful support to potential clients and customers. The mission of a corporate content strategist is to ensure that the content is providing maximum impact for the maximum number of readers. While the copywriter is responsible for actually putting words into the document to publish, the […]

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5 Ways to Share Your Marketing Plan Up, Down, and Sideways!

Managing content deliverables can be chaotic. Not all the time, thankfully. But there are definitely moments we all experience where we just wish there were a better, faster, easier way to get done what we want to get done. Over the last few years, I’ve talked with marketers at all levels, in organizations ranging from some […]

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Customer Story: Teradata Gains Global Collaboration

Teradata helps companies get more value from their data than any other company, allowing them to reduce costs, create agility for faster data analysis and innovation, and reduce complexity, giving organizations a sustainable competitive advantage. When Teradata’s Marketing leadership started up an ‘internal content agency’—a global team of writers and graphic designers—the team quickly became […]

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Oh, The Marketing Madness of March

I recently returned from the Intelligent Content Conference in Las Vegas, where the agenda was chalk full of direction from numerous practitioners and consultants, and some great learning by all in attendance. Then like every conference, I get back to my office, and the real work (ie. madness!!) begins- translating the learning and networking with like-minded […]

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