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Customer Story: Silverado gains an integrated view of marketing strategy across all channels and content types

What kind of care would I want for my family? Silverado’s founders asked themselves that question, and the answers they found formed the foundation of the company they are today. Silverado’s family of caregivers, support staff and administrators is united in its mission to provide dignity, respect and the highest quality of life possible, from their in-home and […]

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3 Key Risks of Content Marketing

There is a mountain of content about all of the benefits of content marketing but a dearth of content about any of the risks. It seems every company out there is telling us that we need content, but what happens when you’re not doing it right?  Is it hurting your brand? While it’s great to […]

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Introducing the Marketing.AI Content Marketing Idea Bank for Chrome Extension

Marketing.AI is pleased to announce the Content Marketing Idea Bank, our new Google Chrome extension available immediately. At Marketing.AI we continually strive to make the end-to-end content marketing workflow easier and more connected. To that end, we’ve released this extension to support gathering ideas for marketing content while browsing the web. Using the extension is […]

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Building Doors to Your Content Marketing Home

A few weeks ago we introduced the idea of the content marketing home, and how planning and executing your content marketing strategy was similar to undertaking the construction of your dream home. To quickly refresh the key points of that post: It Starts With Vision and Content Strategy Configure A Strategic Framework For How You […]

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Sample Buyer Persona

Developing Buyer Personas is a foundational task for strategic content marketing. We define a Buyer Persona as “the documented embodiment of a single representative of your target audience that represents a segment of your audience as a whole, in a way that can meaningfully affect your strategy, conversion architecture and marketing content production.” We published […]

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Sample Theme-Cycle Grid

A Theme Cycle is a tool which is used to plot your themes against the different stages of the buyer cycle. Organizing your marketing content by theme helps to define your content by purpose and assists with the ideation process. Taking each of those themes and mapping them onto the buyer cycle shows you what […]

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