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Who Does Mintent Help?


smsStay on-top of assignments with notification

speaker_notesDraft, edit, and publish across multiple channels from within the same product

repeatRepurpose existing content from the archive

perm_contact_calendarSee the entire team's assignments on the editorial calendar


perm_mediaManage all your content projects in a global editorial calendar

eventSchedule campaigns months ahead

date_rangeKeep writers, graphics creators, and contributors on track to meet deadlines

done_allAutomate approval workflows to spend less time on administration


navigationTranslate strategy into tactical programs across all your teams

my_locationGain insight into content marketing operations

assessmentMeasure content ROI with analytics integrations

Create Content That is Backed by Strategy

Mintent helps marketers to approach content strategically using personas, buying cycles, and themes to get the right message to the right person at the right time.

Align Your Team

Encourage 24/7 collaboration across distributed content teams and 360-degree participation from other areas of your organization. Human resources, investor relations, training, and management can all add to your content assets.

Fuel Your Marketing Automation Ecosystem

Integrations with Mintent allow you to automatically fuel your extended marketing ecosystem.

Improve Efficiency

Mintent accommodates any type of content, can automate any content workflow, helping marketers empower content creators to move more swiftly from task to task.

Customize Components to Your Needs

All Mintent components are configurable and as customizable as you need them to be—at no additional cost. Our customer support team is at your disposal.

Manage hundreds of pieces of content. Never break a sweat.

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