Plan and Schedule Content on a Unified Editorial Calendar

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Keep Track of it All

Get rid of spreadsheets, lost files, and long email threads. In an increasingly deadline-driven world, marketers are realizing that a central planning and publishing hub is key to a successful content marketing operation.

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Visualize your Content Strategy

One master view of all of your content. You’ll be able to see your content in calendar format and color-coded by content-type. Mintent’s calendar allows you to view your entire content strategy on one screen.

“Mintent’s editorial calendar allows me to see at a glance whether we have a good mix of content and helps me to report on activities.”    

Cheryl M, Content Coordinator, Healthcare Company

Slice the Calendar Anyway You Like

Filter the calendar by content type to view only blog posts, or web pages or tweets – any type you are interested in.

See What’s in the Pipeline

See at a glance, where there may be holes in your content program. Or the opposite … maybe you’ve scheduled three blog posts for the same day? Make the best use of your assets. Simply drag and drop to reschedule – all associated tasks are automatically adjusted, too. Filter by Theme, Buyer Personas, Author, Customer Buying Cycle Stage, Campaign.

Global and Regional Calendars Support Distributed Content Teams

Organizations with distributed content teams can work in Mintent’s global editorial calendar or in one of several regional calendars. This feature provides a way to structure a system for maximum flexibility and view-ability across teams and time zones, without sacrificing structure and organization.

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