Content Workflow Automation


Put your content on auto-pilot. Mintent does all the lifting, so you don’t have to.

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Manage your team while you sleep


No more phone calls, emails or texts. Create content workflows that automatically inform the next person in line that they are up. Define each step and assign it once to a default role, or specific person and Mintent will take care of the rest – even publishing. Your whole workflow – automated.

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Free your time to explore strategies, topics and tactics

Shouldn’t you be spending your time on higher value tasks? No more admin means you have more time to learn about up and coming technologies, new best practices – maybe attend Content Marketing World.

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Empower your creatives with more info, structure, and strategy

Set creatives in motion and watch them go. They’ll be enabled to do more for you – create new ideas based on a growing knowledge of your products or services, and Mintent will auto-pilot the whole team through to completion.

“I set my workflows once and now I can see exactly where every piece of content is at. If someone is late, I can remind them, but Mintent will take care of that long before I do.  It’s really taken a load off. Awesome.”

Chrystal P, Content Manager, Asia Pacific
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Is Mintent a driverless content marketing platform?

Well, practically. You still need to give it basic instructions on where you want to go. But then Mintent will take your team to their ultimate content destination.

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Can I change a workflow midstream?

Sure. We know things don’t always go smoothly. Content can change on the fly, so we give admins superpowers to make the call. Assign different writers. Skip steps and move content back to previous tasks. It’s up to you.

Content marketing automation tools support distributed content teams

Does anyone actually work at the office anymore? Creative teams are often distributed across geographies and time zones. Mintent lets people work where and when they want. You can check in on progress from the couch, even using mobile to push content forward.

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