Mix and Match Content for Campaigns


Need a campaign to go with that content?

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Turn Content into Campaigns

Mintent handles campaigns in a super flexible way. Create a campaign and if you want a piece of content to support it, tag that in the campaign field. You can assign any piece of content to any number of campaigns.

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Manage Campaigns on the Editorial Calendar

Filter the editorial calendar on a campaign to make sure the schedule makes sense. Coordinate tweets, blog posts, white papers and more to orchestrate short and long-term campaign success.

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Measure Campaign Success

Did content in a campaign achieve engagement goals? Can you see which parts of a campaign were more successful than others? Mintent will track all that and more.

“Without Mintent it was hard for me to keep track of which content contributed to any given campaign. Now I just filter on a campaign to see progress to completion for all the parts in a campaign."   

Sharon H, Content Campaigns Manager
Think about Campaigns Differently

Starting from scratch? Instead of creating new content, look at existing assets and use them in a new campaign. You’ll know which pieces of content were successful, so re-purpose them.

Be Driven by Data

You know that to hit the marketing to sales conversion % you’re going to need 1,000 more new leads. Look at past content that delivered the most pageviews. Add that content to new campaigns.

Integrations Make Campaigns Fly

All the content in the world will not fill your leads pipeline if it doesn’t get to the right people at the right time.

Mintent integrates with the top social, marketing automation and CMS tools.

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