Unleash Your Content Marketing Team’s Creativity


Stay on track with the editorial calendar

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Handle it All with Ease

Create workflows that make sense for each type of content, from tweets to white papers and videos

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Leverage Creative Resources More Effectively

See who is working on which content, and who consistently delivers the best. Assign underutilized resources to new tasks.

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Stay Ahead of the Game

Plan days or months in advance. Develop an editorial calendar that orchestrates an automatic work back schedule for every piece.

“At any given time we are working on 30 to 40 pieces of content.

I love Mintent because I can always see who is working on what content, status and deadlines.

I can breathe again.”

Christine F, Content Marketing Specialist

Manage Content Production

Mintent keeps your content pipeline organized, visible and

flexible. Easily drag and drop to reschedule.

Reduce Production Time

Defined content workflows will keep you and your team on track.

Approvals gate content flows and notifications alert people to

when they need to get on a task.

Assess Your Content Pipeline

See at a glance, where there may be holes in your content program.

Or the opposite … maybe you’ve scheduled three blog posts for the same day?

Make the best use of your assets. Drag and drop to reschedule – all

associated tasks are automatically adjusted, too. Filter views by Theme,

Buyer Personas, Author, Customer Buying Cycle Stage, Campaign


Find and Reuse Content Assets

Can’t find your most popular eBook? Store all images, decks,

and creative files in one place. Everything is shareable within your team.

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