Market with Strategic Intent

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Write for an Audience of One

It’s not enough to identify customers for targetted campaigns.
Your creative team needs to understand who they are, what might motivate them, what they like, etc. Defining personas makes content more precise.

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Unite Your Efforts

Set the vision – now make it happen. Coordinate all your plans and people to work towards your goal (with fewer emails, meetings, and delays).

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Trigger Actions - and Profits

People at different stages in the buying cycle need different messages. Create and coordinate campaign tracks that match to the buying cycle to improve time to action.

“I love using Mintent for our strategy

and content calendar needs.” 

Lindsey Jones, Global Web Content Manager, Alere, Inc.
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Who are your potential customers?

Create personas that make people real. Personas express to content creators who they are trying to connect with.

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How do they buy?

Outline the steps people take on the path to purchase.

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What do they need to know?

People need different content as they progress through the stages of your customer buying cycle. Define your key themes.

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