Which Content Works?


Learn which content and which creators are most successful. Repeat.

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Identify Areas Where You Need More Content

The content performance chart will show you immediately whether or not you are producing a good mix of content types for each of the different personas.

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Measure Content Performance

Pageviews, clickthroughs, likes, bounce rates, shares, retweets. It’s all there in Google Analytics – integrated with Mintent.

“I can easily identify which content is generating landing page traffic, click-throughs or form fills.”  

Katherine S, Content Manager

Assess Content Costs

Did the blog post lead to more white paper downloads? Or was your landing page more successful at driving downloads? Now you can know.

Improve Production Efficiency

Tighten or loosen task deadlines to remove bottlenecks.

Reward Top Performers

Identify the top stories and top taletellers. Give those people more work.

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