Automate Your Content Workflow. Integrate Your Strategy.

Tell the right story to the right person at the right time.

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Connect with your Customers

Connect with people’s needs and emotions.

Create content that resonates with specific personas and customer buying cycles.

Get organized with strategic content tools.

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Bring out the Best in Your Team

The less time your team needs to spend on tedious details, the more time they have to produce brilliant creative work.

Concentrate on creativity and quality.  Make it easy to be awesome.

Automate content marketing workflows.

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Spend on Content that Creates Profit

Value stems from affinity.

Understand which content encourages people to engage, and inspires them to buy.

Use content marketing measurement tools

Mintent Manages Workflow, So You Can Manage Strategy.

Mintent’s features frees marketing and communications managers to focus on what matters. We make it easy for you to succeed.


Create and develop a smart content strategy based on

personas, themes and customer buying cycles.


Foster your very best ideas. Effectively streamline and

execute every aspect of your content creation.


Integrate with leading marketing automation and social

media tools for seamless success and maximum reach.


Know which content contributed the most

pageviews in Google Analytics. View the results of

Hubspot, Marketo, Act-on and Pardot campaigns.


Store content assets centrally and easily search, find,

and re-use the most successful archived content.

"I’ve now worked with Mintent at two organizations where transparency and accountability across the organization have been key. For me, it's also about that last hour in the day and having an easy-to-reference to do list on reviews and approvals without being worried something is lurking in email and that I'm the bottleneck. I love Mintent because I can see all content as working parts in my strategy --  including which pieces are stuck and might need a nudge."


Wendy White, Chief Marketing Officer, Iovation
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