What Does It Take to be a Successful Content Marketer?

Content Marketing Platform Evaluator Guide

If you’re evaluating content marketing platforms, this eBook will help pair your needs with the right features.


Find out how:

event_availableHundreds of pieces of content can be efficiently produced using a powerful, online editorial calendar

laptopCritical gaps in your content strategy for personas and themes can be identified in under a minute

Workflows can be customized and automated, allowing people to do their job at the right time, with zero emails and no confusion

device_hubA content strategy that perfectly aligns with your business strategy can be executed and measured


How do your content marketing needs translate into platform requirements?

Learn how in this comprehensive guide to content marketing platforms.

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Not all content marketing platforms are the same

Make sure you’re getting the right one for you

Plan for Success

A good content marketing platform will give you the tools you need to align content strategy with business strategy.

Manage it All

Do you need to coordinate hundreds of pieces of content from a single point of contact with all your team members?

Work the Way You Want

Your platform should mirror the way you work, not force your team down a pre-ordained path.

Content Strategy

Define a customer buying cycle, personas and themes to accurately target customers with the right message.

Editorial Calendar

The editorial calendar should provide sub-calendars for divisions, or different organizations, while providing a global roll-up calendar.

Custom Workflows

Every company has its own way to work. You should be able to create multiple custom workflows, set roles and timelines accordingly

Find Out How to Keep Your Content Flowing

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