How can Mintent help Corporate Communications professionals?


Mintent frees communications managers in industries such as healthcare and insurance to focus on what matters most. When you’ve got multiple stakeholders both internal and external relying on you for up-to the minute content, you need to stay organized and focused.

We have the tools you need


The Calendar allows you to schedule all of your planned content ahead of time, so if crisis communications or last minute press releases are needed, you’ll have the time and resources to address them without the stress. You can also instantly view your entire team’s assignments on the editorial calendar. Do away with confusing spreadsheets and long email chains.


Automate the delegation of tasks, communicate clearly with your team and other contributors, and get approvals easily.


Lets you store all of your shared files and drafts in one place. Never lose or duplicate work again.


Provides round the clock governance for your content. Everything that has ever been scheduled or published lives in the platform, so you can perform a content audit in just one click.


Create content to match the unique needs of each of your audience or patient segments. Create content that resonates strongly with specific internal or external audiences for maximum impact. Market smarter, not harder.

Case study

US Acute Care Logo

Learn how healthcare company US Acute Care Solutions were able to tame their content workflow and manage more internal and external content with increasingly complex campaigns.

Stop wasting your time with stressful, tedious, task-based work, and focus on what really matters. Start marketing with intent.