How can Brand Marketers use Mintent for success?


Your brand represents your identity in the market. Who you are, and what problem you solve for your customers. Amazing content is what drives meaningful brand engagement. With Mintent you can manage your brand’s identity, social publishing, public relations, corporate and internal communications, events, and graphic design projects in one place.

We have the tools you need


Provides complete visibility to your entire team- so you can ditch the confusing spreadsheets and get alignment on exactly what is being published at any given time.


Workflows let you delegate tasks and get approvals efficiently. Do away with complicated email chains and missed deadlines.


Use the asset library as a shared folder for your team to keep your logo, website assets, content drafts, company boilerplate, document templates, and other branded assets. Your team will never lose work or have to waste time sending around email attachments again.


See which campaigns and content assets are working, and stop wasting time and resources on ones that aren’t.


Know exactly what stage of the buying cycle your audience is at. Whether the goal of your campaign is brand promise, awareness, engagement, consideration, or purchase, you can easily serve the right content, to the right audience, at the right time.

Case study

Callminer logo

CallMiner uses Mintent to streamline their marketing processes and manage large amounts of content and branded materials for both internal and external audiences. Find out about how CallMiner was able to use Mintent to solve their biggest challenge- visualizing and managing multiple creators and various projects.

Stop wasting your time with stressful, tedious, task-based work, and focus on what really matters. Start marketing with intent.