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Agile Marketing for Content Teams

We’ve been talking about  Agile approaches to marketing a lot lately, and we’ve even been implementing it ourselves. Although Agile may have been created for developers, it also works great for marketing. We’re trying to spread the good-word about Agile marketing,  so we’ve created this helpful eBook- “Agile Marketing for Content Teams“. It is aimed […]

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From Marketing Pro to PIO: the tools you need for emergency response as a healthcare communications professional

If you work as a communications professional in a healthcare organization, you’ll be familiar with the following scenario. The call comes in the middle of the night, or when you’re on your way to lunch, or when you least expect it. There is an emergency and you are needed immediately. Hospitals and other medical facilities often […]

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How to Build a Customer Mind Map

Everyone wants to be heard, but how do you make people listen to you? That probably depends on who you’re talking to. You wouldn’t speak to your boss the same way you’d speak to your two-year-old nephew. It’s the same for any form of communication, you have to make it appropriate for the intended audience. […]

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