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Buyer Persona Blueprint

Developing Buyer Personas is a foundational task for strategic content marketing. We’ve talked a lot about this recently, and it was a very hot topic this year at Content Marketing World 2017. With more content bombarding B2B buyers, very little of it actually gets their attention. We’ve numbed our audience with content that disappoints because […]

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How to Prove the Value of Your Content Marketing Efforts

Content Marketing has quickly become a primary function of many marketing teams. It is frequently cited as the best way to generate leads and ROI. However, it has the potential to turn sour for businesses who don’t handle it properly. A study by Gleanster found that B2B companies lose $0.25 of every dollar spent on content marketing because of inefficient content operations—the […]

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SEO Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Many content marketers have confidence issues when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization). But avoiding SEO is not an option. 47% of content marketing jobs require SEO skills. It’s not all bad news, of course. Many content marketers are doing just fine with SEO. Roughly 60% of content marketers rate their SEO knowledge as “good” or […]

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The Power of the Headline

You’re not one of those people who just knock off a headline in a minute or two, right? You’d never do that. At least I hope not. Because, you know, “those people” who toss out just any old headline…? They’re missing out. Big time. Neil Patel  says, “The headline accounts for up to 50% of […]

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Guilt-free Ways to Republish Your Content

Getting twice as many shares, twice as much traffic, and doubling your conversion rates could do wonders for your content marketing program. It might well quadruple your return on investment, for starters. And let you hire more staff. It might even nab you a handsome pay raise, and possibly a new title. There’s one content marketing technique […]

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