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How to Rock Your 2018 Content Marketing Strategy

If you want to take your company’s online marketing to the next level, you need to have the right strategy in place. This includes creating a content plan that aligns to your goals. As you head into the beginning weeks of 2018,  it’s important that you keep in mind that a good content marketing strategy […]

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SEO Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Many content marketers have confidence issues when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization). But avoiding SEO is not an option. 47% of content marketing jobs require SEO skills. It’s not all bad news, of course. Many content marketers are doing just fine with SEO. Roughly 60% of content marketers rate their SEO knowledge as “good” or […]

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The Power of the Headline

You’re not one of those people who just knock off a headline in a minute or two, right? You’d never do that. At least I hope not. Because, you know, “those people” who toss out just any old headline…? They’re missing out. Big time. Neil Patel  says, “The headline accounts for up to 50% of […]

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Guilt-free Ways to Republish Your Content

Getting twice as many shares, twice as much traffic, and doubling your conversion rates could do wonders for your content marketing program. It might well quadruple your return on investment, for starters. And let you hire more staff. It might even nab you a handsome pay raise, and possibly a new title. There’s one content marketing technique […]

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How to get more value out of the content you already have

If you read our last blog post, “How to break free from the publish-and-forget-it content management cycle”, you’ll have some great ideas for how to republish content to get the most out of your investment. The reason why this post has two parts, is because we want to make sure that we give you all […]

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Our Top Mintent Takeaways from Content Marketing World 2017

We’ve just returned from Content Marketing World 2017, but our hearts and minds are still in Cleveland with all of the great people we met and experiences we shared. With over 3,500 attendees and two jam packed days of sessions and expo hall conversations, we learned a lot. We’re excited to be back and start putting it […]

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Agile Marketing for Content Teams

We’ve been talking about  Agile approaches to marketing a lot lately, and we’ve even been implementing it ourselves. Although Agile may have been created for developers, it also works great for marketing. We’re trying to spread the good-word about Agile marketing,  so we’ve created this helpful eBook- “Agile Marketing for Content Teams“. It is aimed […]

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Mintent CEO Matt Dion & Jeff Julian: Enterprise Marketer Podcast

  Jeff Julian, a renowned content marketing strategist, sat down with our CEO, Matt Dion to discuss the increasingly relevant topic of marketing workflow and how Mintent can help your team perform better. You can watch the interview here. Short on time? Here’s the TL;DR version: Marketers are struggling under the weight of lofty to-do lists, and a […]

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