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Bringing Zen to Your Content Strategy

On any given day, most content marketers feel overworked, overstretched, and overwhelmed. Most of them think that the source of their constant stress is born from the sheer amount of work on their plate. In reality, the source of stress actually comes from the way they work. You’re stuck in meetings, reading emails, and putting […]

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Creative brief template: 7 questions that can save you hours of revisions

The creative brief gives your writer, graphic designer, video producer or other content creator specific guidelines on your market, the output you expect, and brand “mandatory’s” that help them to align theirwork with your Customer Persona and the rest of a campaign. One simple document can save you and your team hours of frustrating revisions. Unfortunately, […]

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The key to successful content marketing strategies: Telling the right stories with target audience segmentation and targeted personas

  Your ideal customer should be able to make a connection with your company or products. A connection that helps them make informed decisions. Content should be tailored to why they came searching in the first place. Any stellar content marketing strategy has a steady flow of quality content—content that tells a story to a […]

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