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The $120,000 content marketing workflow problem

  Have you ever driven a gas-guzzling car? Looks great, gets you to where you want to go, but it took twice as much fuel to run. Many content management teams are working exactly like this today. You’re creating brilliant content, but your system is so inefficient that your people have to push twice as […]

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How to Streamline WordPress Website Content Creation and Publishing

Mintent helps demand generation teams reduce the time it takes for content development by connecting streamlined production workflows directly to WordPress for publishing, in addition to managing all your other content from a centralized location. Our comprehensive WordPress integration allows teams to publish content directly from Mintent into WordPress as well as close the loop on content […]

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Does Your Healthcare Content Need a Check-Up?

New care models, more regulation, and increased competition among providers have altered the healthcare landscape rapidly in recent years. To meet goals, healthcare companies are finding that communications with internal and external audiences including patients and family members, employees, and regulatory agencies are more important than ever. The increased scope and complexity of communications have […]

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The value and importance of personalized content marketing and tips to doing it right

People’s needs are constantly changing. New communication channels pop up all the time. Most importantly, your business is ever-changing. So how do you stay relevant and provide a flawless experience that speaks directly to your potential buyers? Don’t treat everyone the same.

Content marketing is powerful because it has a unique opportunity to tailor messaging directly to and engage with, the perfect buyer. Not only can it be tailored to the right person, but knowing the ins-and-outs of your target buyer means you can also target their behaviours at a time that’s most convenient for them.

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