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5 Essential Ingredients for Content Marketing Success

A study conducted by Content Marketing Institute found that only about 35 percent of businesses have their content marketing strategy well-documented. This same study concluded that 55 percent of small business owners will increase their content marketing budget within the next year. There is no denying the power of great content. With informative and engaging blogs, press releases […]

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Your Questions Answered: Content Marketing Platforms 101

In recent years, there has been an overwhelming increase in the number of technology vendors available to answer to the needs of marketers. From analytics to social media, and marketing automation to account based marketing; it can be hard for marketers to even know where to start. But even with all of the technologies available […]

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A Personalized Approach to Marketing

Once upon a time, marketing was a hit-or-miss effort. Businesses would look at their sales numbers, pull in whatever other geographic, demographic and product data they might have, and then take their best guess about what their target audience wanted. Even when marketers tried to be accurate, they knew that their efforts would likely only […]

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Editorial Calendars 101: Get Organized!

Editorial Calendars are a hot topic in the world of content marketing, with strategists and agencies realizing that they need a centralized planning process for what is becoming an increasingly deadline-driven industry. The key to a successful content marketing strategy is publishing regular content that engages your target audience, informs them about your company or […]

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Making Influencer Marketing Work for Your Business

When was the last time you researched a brand, product, or service based on the personal experiences of someone you know, or on the enthusiastic recommendation of a celebrity you follow? We’re all influenced by certain key figures in our lives, whether we realize it or not. Apply that influence to your marketing efforts, and […]

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Marketer-to-Marketer Podcast: Mintent & ScribbleLive

Mintent‘s CEO, Matt Dion, is featured on Enterprise Marketer‘s podcast “Marketer-to Marketer“. In this podcast, recorded live at this year’s Content Marketing World show in Cleveland, Matt and Christophe Trappe, VP of Content Marketing at ScribbleLive, have a candid conversation about the Content Marketing ecosystem, problems that Content Marketers face daily, tools and strategies for delivering amazing […]

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A Few of Our Favorite Things Holiday 2017 Wrap Up

For this special holiday wrap up blog post, we caught up with some of the greatest minds in content marketing to ask them about their favorite moments of 2017 as we wrap up the year and prepare what’s to come in 2018. Here’s what they had to say.              

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How to Avoid the Most Common Content Marketing Workflow Gaps

Acknowledging that there are gaps in your marketing team’s workflow is the first step in solving them. How do you know if there are gaps? Read on to identify the most common ones and how to fix them. Gap #1: Your work is often getting stuck in the ‘approval’ stage. If you’ve ever spent countless […]

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The Power of the Headline

You’re not one of those people who just knock off a headline in a minute or two, right? You’d never do that. At least I hope not. Because, you know, “those people” who toss out just any old headline…? They’re missing out. Big time. Neil Patel  says, “The headline accounts for up to 50% of […]

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